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Secure with StackHawk:

A Continuous Approach to Application and API Security


Join the team on April 4th for a webinar that will highlight best practices for continuous application and API security. Key talking points will cover:
  • Pillars for a strong AppSec program
  • Core principles for implementing Secure by Design
  • Ongoing discovery & visibility into APIs, Applications, and their potential attack surfaces
  • Empowering teams to build trust and share accountability for security

The StackHawk Difference

StackHawk’s deliberate approach to developer focused API and application security testing helps organizations improve their security posture by eliminating operational inefficiencies, accelerating security-tested releases, and managing risk appropriately. We also have really cool t-shirts. 

Be sure to sign up for our webinar, you never know when we may offer up a few limited edition t-shirts. 


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